Digital Advertising

digital advertising

Digital Advertising

Tabiat Zendeh Laboratories won the Digital Excellence Symbol in the Digital Advertising contest.

This demonstration was presented to the representatives of Tabiat Zendeh Laboratories, by popular vote during a magnificent ceremony at the Milad Tower in the presence of government officials and managers and experts in the field of marketing and advertising.

The event focuses on the evaluation and selection of leading companies in Digital Advertisement, based on people’s choice, with five main criteria including:¬†¬†Company’s website, Social Network Activities, Advertising and Digital Information, sales and services provided online.

The purpose of the event was to emphasize and focus on developing the company’s digital strategy and identity, and raising their knowledge and awareness of this issue.

Digital Marketing or Online Marketing is a collection of activities that are aimed at increasing sales, and improving brand marketing and online business. Digital marketing is an interdisciplinary field, and advances in it need to have the right information in the field of marketing or online marketing. Major companies in the world and Iran are now launching or expanding their digital marketing activities and are trying to reduce their traditional advertising and marketing budget share and focus on marketing and online advertising.

Online advertising or digital advertising, is an advertisement that has access to users through Internet tools and platforms.

Social networks are the most powerful platform for boosting your business, and now Instagram is the most popular social network in Iran.

Seventy percent of Instagram hashtags are for brands.

Instagram has more than 25 million Iranian members.

More than 56% of adult users on the Internet are members of more than one social network.

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