EFQM Global Excellence Award

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EFQM Global Excellence Award

Tabiat Zendeh Laboratories

is awarded for Development, prioritization and recovery plans extracted on the basis of self-assessment.

You can see full honors and awards in the following pdf page 112

Honors and Awards

Receiving a two star rating for quality and first rank in the health sector for The quality of food, medicine and health

Receiving a two-star appreciation award from the National Organizational Excellence Award

Receiving popular brand figurines from consumers in the cosmetics industry in 2014

Establishing a Performance Management System with a Balanced Scorecard Approach (BSC)

Establishment of an integrated IMS system

Establishing a customer complaint handling system ISO 10002

Implementation of the ISO 26000 Social Responsibility Standard

Tabiat Zendeh Laboratories is a company that was founded in 1997 with the aim of producing Cosmetic products of high quality for Preserving the beauty of the skin and the hair of consumers.

Since 1999, In the further path of excellence and with the goal of providing the optimal needs of the community, Tabiat Zendeh , he has been developing products in two branches of the brand “Inlay” And food and pharmaceutical supplements with the brand “R Meds Supplus”.

Tabiat Zendeh Livestock is backed by the quality and superiority of its products, endorsed by expert physicians and accredited academic meetings at the national and international levels, such as the Academy of Dermatology and Diseases in London.

Delivering numerous scholarly articles and close co-operation with experts and scholars at home and abroad to promote activities and support for researchers, including the company’s achievements in nature. Also, the company’s external activities are also increasing.

Company’s Mission: Improving people’s quality of life by providing effective solutions for those who care about their beauty and well-being.

Award for the popular brand from consumers point of view in the cosmetics industry in 2014.

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