Digital Marketing contest

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Digital Marketing contest

Cinere is the winner of 2015’s Digital Marketing contest.

Here is the interview with Iman Khalilian as the Head of IT Department at Cinere.

Iman Khalilian indicates in his interview:

“Future of Cinere in Digital Marketing is one of our strategic goals and we are determined to put more time and effort on this subject.”

Cinere has been able to create a good image of its brand in the minds of the customer,by
taking into account the basic marketing principles and proper sampling with regard to the Iranian market,
was able to achieve the popular brand title.
Cinere has been able to integrate its activities in advertising, direct sales, sales promotion and public relations using a strategy of differentiation based on rational purchasing incentives.

Brand Name:
Cinere’s name is based on the name of a flower that has been beautifully chosen for this field and is enough to
become a unique brand and has a good sound.
On the other hand, it is also less problematic for pronunciation in different languages.

Price Strategy:
The prices of the products has been set at an intermediate level between foreign brands and has chosen a wider
market for sale. On the other hand, the integrity of the sales price across the country is another feature of
the brand’s pricing strategy.

Distribution Strategy:
The company, with its selection of retailers and focusing on capillary sales, has managed to distribute widespread distribution channels with price control to pharmacies, grocery stores and hairdressers. Although capillary sales impose some distribution costs on the company, they also gain more profit by eliminating middlemen, and price control remains in the hands of the company.

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