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Work Experiences

During all these years, in addition to being a member of Informatics Society of Iran and performing as an adviser in many private and government owned companies, I have been working at Tabiat Zendeh Laboratories in management positions for over ten years. Tabiat Zendeh is a huge Organization with numerous branches all over the country. Each of these branches produce their own products which are mostly cosmetic and medical. For example “Cinere” provides hygienic products like hand and face creams,hand washing liquids, Skin Care, Hair Care,¬†Anti-Ageing, Cleanser, Eye Care, Face Wash, Lifting, Moisturising etc. “Zardband” produces Herbal products for Hair and Skin, Nervous System, Respiratory System, Weight Loss, Immune System, cardiovascular, Diabetes, Mouth, Skeletal and Muscular System, Urinary System, etc. “Inlay” produces cosmetics products. In this year, my team and I, created a website called “Lenava”. We provide IT Services and Lenava is the link between our customers and us. You can take a look at the services that we provide through “Our Services” section.

Tabiat Zendeh


Director of Information and Communication Technology

Guiding the whole infrastructure and managing more than twenty people in four different sections- Network and Hardware, Software, Programming, Information Technology and Software support





Providing services in the field of Information Technology




Network Security Supervisor

R&D, creating a systematic network structure, Monitoring and managing the internal network and pop sites

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